We do agree to the fact that SMS is no longer as popular as it was before but there are people who still use it and to them, these SMS apps can come very handy. These apps certainly make texting over SMS way more interesting. Do give them a try and these apps might surprise you pleasantly. Conversations are an integral part of our lives, no matter how we do it. Messages is where the most action happens these days and while the likes of WhatsApp & Facebook are mostly used, the good old SMS does come in handy in a few situations. While IM services are good, you cannot be sure if anyone’s online at a particular time.

Open the information of contact on your device and select the group you want to add it to. After the group is created, add the contacts you want in the by clicking Add contact which takes you the list of contacts in your device. This feature has enabled texting via iPhone to be at par with that in case of an Android.

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Count the number of characters in your text message.This may sound redundant, given the name of the tool, but not all characters are created equal. As you know, the standard length for text messages is 160, but using the Unicode charset will decrease this length to 70 characters. In addition, certain characters from the GSM 03.38 charset require ‘escape characters’.

  • In the age of multiple devices, one prefers to have apps that support cloud backup and cross-device functionality.
  • Overall, this is another excellent choice for your messaging app.
  • This app brings a ton of theming options, along with various other customization options.
  • The application highlights its theme, apart from the basic features of SMS messaging app.
  • Some apps create mesh networks that grow depending on the Chomp SMS number of active users.

But it does not affect the functioning of this application in any way, users are also allowed to use this application even if they are not connected to internet. Linking to the Services and Social Media Features. We may disable all or any social media features and any links at any time without notice in our discretion. You certify that you are the owner of the mobile phone entered or are authorized to use this mobile phone to receive SMS. Communications through these methods may be routed through a third-party service. If you later withdrawn your consent to using E-Signatures, please notify the sending party and stop using E-Signatures.

Use The New Droid Pro Smartphone By Motorola (running Android 2 2 Froyo)

The app is easy to use, and has a nice user interface due to Material Design. The next screen shows every app installed on your phone with a message that tells you whether it can modify system settings. While both the apps let you add a signature to your messages, you can create multiple signatures in the Textra app. When you search for a text in the Textra app, it will show a preview of the results containing that term.

There are numerous Android SMS apps available in the Play Store as of date. Most of these apps allow you to customize as long as you want to. There’s also a wide variety of fonts and themes to choose from.

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