After all, there is nothing wrong with users wanting more privacy and employers blocking workers from browsing non-work-related content. Also, VPNs can be used to set blocks that will prevent users from accessing certain networks. For instance, students may have access to a school-based VPN that makes it impossible to access social media. Additionally, they offer features like avoidance of data retention and anonymity of online activities.

The Chinese Government are known for heavily regulating and censoring the internet, and Facebook, YouTube and Google are all forbidden, along with a long list of other websites. From within mainland China, you can only access Government-approved content, everything else is blocked in an attempt to regulate cross-border data flow. From sharing life-updates and images on social media to submitting banking and payment information and even sensitive information over email, we need to protect ourselves online. as your private IP address will be on the network’s router and thus, the public space’s ISP. Joining a VPN lets you encrypt your web traffic and hide your IP address while still allowing you to connect to that Wi-Fi you so desperately want.

In 2015, the control of internet access was further bolstered with laws that forced internet service providers to monitor user activity gaming vpn and keep records. The use of a VPN is also banned and will result in a fine. In 2012, president Lukashenko announced that it was illegal to purchase from, and even access foreign internet sites, and firms that sell to the citizens of Belarus must register with a Belarusian domain name. Businesses that offer citizens access to the internet such as internet cafes, computer clubs or libraries are responsible for reporting customers that visit foreign sites and not doing so will result in fines. 2018 saw DNS services, BlogSpot and Periscope services all blocked and interrupted too, you can find a real-time list of internet actions in Turkey on the Turkey Blocks website.

In translation, it would be a lot harder for a hacker to get access to someone’s data when they are relying on a VPN. As with most western civilizations, data privacy has become a growing concern. This is because the capabilities of online hackers are only limited by time and money.

The company said it feels it can keep user privacy and data safe because it does not log user activity and does not store personally identifiable information on any of its servers. However, ProtonVPN did add that it would not recommend "handling sensitive content or communications" via Hong Kong servers. As a general policy, some VPNs don’t support Bittorent and other P2P file-sharing services.