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We also downloaded and used Logitech’s webcam software for the cameras we tested; the other webcams don’t offer similar software. All of these webcams are automatically detected by Windows 10, macOS, and other modern operating systems, but fine-tuning certain settings like the field of view is made easier with the help of this software.

Reuva: Program Interface & Available Features

  • Mixed workload (half latency threads and half throughput-first threads) network performance comparison between the current adaptive interrupt moderation solution and the per-queue interrupt moderation solution.
  • For bidirectional, throughput-first workloads, packets of sizes between 64 bytes and 64 KB are tested (shown on the X-axis of Figures 7 through 11).
  • The new per-queue interrupt moderation solution provides superior performance, as shown by the score.
  • The mixed workload is a combination of bidirectional throughput-first and latency-first threads.
  • During the test, the bidirectional throughput and latency-first threads are launched at the same time with same test packet size.

It can also create vertical videos in full HD, for audiences who consume content on their smartphones. Even if you invested in a high-resolution camera, the quality of its lens will be another factor that can affect your video’s overall quality. One major difference that sets quality webcams apart from cheaper ones is the quality of their lens. The autofocus feature ensures that your webcam can focus on the image regardless of the condition. While you’re less likely to be moving around while streaming, lower quality webcams on the market tend to lose focus even with the slightest movements.

The best streaming webcams often have 1080p or 4K resolution, making them well-suited for professional streamers and gamers. However, a webcam with a 720p resolution can also work just fine, especially if you’re on a budget. You’ll normally come across various terms when looking for a webcam with a good resolution such as 720p, HD, 1080p, and 4K.

The adjustable ring light can help you get clear video in low light situations—our panel of testers noticed that video samples from this camera were more flattering for faces than the other cameras we tested. But the brightness of the light, even at its lowest setting, can be jarring the first few times you use the webcam and would be more distracting than helpful if you’re mostly in professional video conferences. The Logitech StreamCam is an ideal starting package for livestreamers, with a versatile 1080p60 webcam, screen and table stands, and flexible video processing software.

The C920S does struggle in a dimly lit room—the frame rate drops as the camera adjusts its exposure settings to keep you visible, and you’ll see more image pc software noise and less detail. However, it still maintained the color balance, and none of the webcams we tested did particularly well in low light except for the Razer Kiyo because of its built-in light ring.

The Razer Kiyo has the first ever adjustable ring light for efficiently taking out shadows and keep the balance of light in the video. Combined with a high FPS for both video recording and chatting , this brand makes itself one of the top cameras for Twitch gamers and game vloggers. It also has an awesome design that looks great with any gaming PC. In addition, Logitech used their AI-enabled facial tracking software and equipped the camera with smart auto-focus and exposure features to make it easy to use by anyone.

These terms refer to the number of pixels in one given area. As such, the higher the number, the more densely concentrated the pixels are which translates into better image quality. While the frame rate determines the smoothness of your video, the resolution will determine its quality. For a professional-looking video, you’ll want a streaming webcam with a high definition resolution.