I was not able to find specifications of these switches though it is mentioned that these are almost alike the Outemo switches. The lifetime of the Velocifire VM02WS is rated at 16.5M keystrokes. There are no dedicated multimedia keys but this functionality has been provided using a combination of Fn key and functions keys.

This keyboard comes with a 1-year warranty from Velocifire. Lastly, if you are still confused and want to check out other options in the market as well, then go ahead and check out our five favourite wireless mechanical keyboards while you’re at it. Part of the MK Typist lineup, this particular Night Typist we are taking a look at adds in single color white backlighting to enable typing in dimly lit environments. This is partly also why gaming keyboards used to prefer red backlighting over blue back before RGB hit everything. The entire keyboard is built around typing, with a lot of layout support we will get to in due time, and has switches suited for it as well.

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The user can record up to 3 macros on Q, W, and E keys using a combination of Fn+Ctrl and either of the mentioned keys. The Velocifire VM02WS is listed at $ 59.99 at the time of the review and this is definitely a good value for your bucks.

  • The scanner uses the CDD type of digitization while performing this task.
  • These are flatbed scanners and while there have been some doubts in the past about the usefulness of such for 35mm film, my work with the V850 soon dismissed those concerns.
  • Thanks to Driver scanner HP Scanjet 2400, the scanner is able to optimize his resolution up to 2400 ppp x 2400 ppp.
  • The units sell for $949 for the V850 Pro and $739 for the V800.
  • (The 35mm-mounted slide holder has a slip-in clip arrangement.) The optics include Anti-Newton ring glass, which helps eliminate moiré patterns and color shifts.

As such, we take a look at their Hermes P2 RGB keyboard here, and thanks again to GAMDIAS for providing a review sample. Razer has come a very long way, and their products absolutely scream quality now. The BlackWidow V3 PRO is a home run in premium wireless keyboards and is targeted dead center at the esports scene for competitive gaming. It is first wireless keyboard we will recommend for competitive play. There are two main types of keyboardsyou should look for if typing comfort is paramount. This keyboard has been around in various iterations for years, and the current version deserves a close look from productivity hounds. It manages to offer a superior typing sensation—almost as good as typing on mechanical key switches—while still maintaining an ergonomically correct position.

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With a software driver promising more customization, let’s begin the review of the keyboard with a look at the specifications below. The first time I heard of GAMDIAS was when I caught the general media covering the smaller brands at Computex a few years ago. Their products all appeared to be named after Greek gods, which seemed like a gimmick at the time, but looking them up more did provide a background for this. Indeed, the very name GAMDIAS translates to "god of gaming". They went all-in here, with references to Zeus, Mount Olympus and more which you can catch here and here if interested. From where I stand, the name did the job in getting people’s attention, and now, the product has to do its part.

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We begin the review, as always, with a look at the specifications below. The keyboard range from GAMDIAS is named Hermes, PS4 Remote Play Windows 7 and I suppose it makes some sense. As the name suggests, we have RGB backlighting on a keyboard that has a fairly unique aesthetic with a wrist rest included and a dedicated volume scroll wheel as well.