You can also manually check for required updates on the Dell Support Website run diagnostics, check warranty etc. We also have tips below for basic Troubleshooting you can go through yourself prior to contacting support. If you have issues with your Dell Hardware then Dell Pro Support are on hand to help your directly on , 24/7, 365 days a year.

Black boxes are supposed to use GPS to monitor ‚good‘ and ‚bad‘ driving. Right click on the other device to bring up a menu as shown below.

John Hancock offers a number of rewards — if you’re active enough — including a 15% discount on premiums. UnitedHealthcare offers credits for reaching fitness goals that can be used for out-of-pocket health expenses. Health insurer Oscar rewards its app users with $1 towards an Amazon gift card for each day they meet their fitness goals.

During business hours Monday – Friday this is staffed locally in Ireland/Scotland and out of hours by various offices worldwide to keep you productive. This also allows you to check your system is up to date which can also resolve many issues.

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But such “internet of things” devices don’t just lower your premiums, they could even prevent future claims. Some of these smart home products, like smart drinking glasses or smart beds, probably aren’t saving you any cash. But a video doorbell or smart door lock may help thwart would-be burglars, leading some insurance companies to reward you with lower rates.

I am building my own also, there were some things that just caused me to cringe every time I looked at the screens, like how none of the boxes lined up, or how the filleted corners were all random. There are other fields that are not populating though on mine, such as CPU temperature that I believe should work that are used with his screens. Ok, if you update the pi hat firmware to v1.4.17 which was just released, those touch commands should be sent back to MMDVMHost correctly.

I know all about ON7LDS’s and PD0DIB’s github, I’ve spent days reading all of that documentation, and it really isn’t all clearly documented either. I need to make my code public so ON7LDS can update his code to fix a number of bugs I’ve found in his code, but most of them are logic errors or invalid searches, not anything thats major. Maybe that’s why the field for CPU temperature on his screen design is not populating for me, I don’t know, I can’t get it to populate even with a baud rate of 9600. Yes, when plugging a Nextion into the MMDVM pi hats it HAS to be set to 9600, unless you compile a custom firmware with the port speed set to any speed you want to run it at up to . I run two hotspots at with no issues whatsoever, I don’t know why whoever set it up in the first place years ago did that, since the Pi talks to the STM32 at on the other serial port. Maybe they both were at 9600, and then someone bumped it up and never bumped up the Nextion side.

They are on hand to diagnose any hardware related issues and in the event they cannot resolve it on the call an engineer will typically be on site the next business day . This keeps you working with the minimum of interruption. In cases where you are not sure if the issue relates to your SOLIDWORKS Software or Hardware, please contact our Support team () who are happy to rule out Software issues as far as possible. We have worked with Dell for over 20 years and use their Precision range of Workstation products internally as we have found them to perform optimally and reliably. We also value the hardware support they offer since they are vital tools for us and our customers maximising performance while minimising any potential downtime is key. When you receive a new system there are some things you can do to ensure optimum performance and other things that are good to know in the event of problems. This blog details everything you need to know if you encounter an issue.

The open-source design for the CURA pod was conceived by Italian practice Carlo Ratti Associati and architect Italo Rota as part of an initiative supported by the World Economic Forum. It comprises a regular 20-foot intermodal container converted into an isolation ward with comprehensive biocontainment equipment. You can check your recording settings under Settings | Output | Recording. If you’re not too familiar with OBS, I’d just change the Recording Format to MP4, then click on Start Recording.

Insurers have also been forward-looking in their adoption of personal tech devices. So if the COVID-19 pandemic, along with its devastating economic effects, have you scrambling to lighten your bills, consider how the robots of today can help you lower your insurance premiums. There should then be an update wizard to help walk you through the full updating process. There are no performance differences between the two so there is no need to attempt to change the one you have installed.

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The old code just deleted them, which I didn’t like, so I fixed it. I dunno why someone didn’t do it sooner, I thought it was pretty simple, only took me a couple of hours to figure it all out. So your buddy was correct, it used to not work, but now he’s incorrect, it works. The issue you have with fields not populating is simply using the wrong layout.