Brazier-smoker from bricks with their hands could be built under the supervision of an expert or even a specialist knowledgeable in stove masonry. Here is important: to choose the perfect construction stuff, to prepare it, to pound the right consistency of the mortar. Besides the construction process itself, it is important for the smoker to find an appropriate place on the site, to take care of fire safety.

Varieties of designs

Externally, multifunctional smokehouses vary in size, complete, shape and other nuances. They resemble a big Russian cooker. However, this is just a design. The major difference between both smokers and charcoal grills would be precisely in functionality. From this depends upon what a construction made of brick can do. The more working areas there will be, the broader the menu for cooking food. These options could be coordinated at a brick construction:

Smokehouse. The working zone is considered the primary, because of the sake of it that the erection of a structure made from brick in this case is provided. Generally, the smokehouse is a closed chamber. Inside you will find grates or hooks for repairing the products. From the process of ingestion, they’re bombarded with smoke, acquire a golden colour and odor of smoked meat.

By design – it is an open-type grill. Shashlik is cooked over hot flashes. The surfaces of the grill are all adapted for placing of skewers. It is the exact same mangal, but instead of skewers it’s a barbecue. It is used to bake steaks as well as other products.

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